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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Home is where the healing begins!

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                                                                    My heart is full!

 And Ivy's... Oh my goodness!!! She is just beaming! 
 We had the most amazing flight home. It was a mere 4.5 hours from
 the time we stepped in the plane to the time we stepped out! 
 We live in AZ!! Incredible!

 I gave Ivy her lovenox injection during the flight and had
 to choke back tears as I thought about all the hardship my
 sweet friend Kim and her beautiful family saved Ivy from
 having to go through by arranging this flight! 

Can you imagine having to give a baby a shot on a crowded airplane? 

Uncle Bryan and Ivy napping on the smooth flight.

                                                           Ivy soaking it all in!

 Our family and a few friends were all waiting when we landed. Ivy was    
 so happy to see everyone and went right to daddy and her siblings. We 
 drove home and as soon as we turned in to our neighborhood Ivy screamed,
 HOME!!!!!!! It absolutely melted every one of us! 

 She has not stopped beaming since we arrived! She is just in love with Lexi.

 Always looking for her and always copying her every move. She is eating  
 well. Not coughing or having any trouble with fluids!! She is talking like  
 crazy, I mean really just talking up a storm. Even the doctor commented on 
 it today. 
 We still have a bit of home nursing going on, courtesy of mommy. 4 wounds  
 that need dressings changed twice a day. Her lovenox shots (we stopped these 
 as of today). We go for INR blood tests every day. We saw the new  
 cardiologist today. She had an ECHO, EKG and regular exam. Her doctor was 
 pleased with what he saw. She goes tomorrow for another echo because the 
 person who did it today forgot to take photos of her coronary arteries as 
 well as to get her daily INR. We see the pediatrician on Friday. Add the 
 the fact that I do have 4 other children at home and that Im really trying 
 hard to just suck in every moment of this beautiful re entry and that is why
 it has taken me a few days to post. I am absolutely on cloud 9!! The girls 
 are so sweet with each other. Ivy has picked up right where she left off 
 with everyone. They are sleeping well and just so so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 The house looks like a tornado hit it but I have given myself until Thursday  
 night to get a handle on it (I hope wednesday is an extra long day!) 
 Thank you everyone for checking in on us and of course for your continued 
 prayers!!! I promise, if there was a problem I would have let you know. We 
 just really needed a few days to just be a family :) God is so great an life 
 is so good! 
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dawn said...

I just can't stop crying. Happy tears are pouring down my face! This is the best post yet and the smiles, do I need to mention the smiles?

Insert big happy

Anonymous said...

Awesome news, thanks for the update....Gyll

Shawn and Ragena said...

1)What an amazing BLESSING to have that flight home!!!!!!
2)So thankful reenty to HOME has been such sheer delight!
I know you are treasuring EVERY single second.
Our Savior has been your Prince of Peace, Wonderful Counselor and Friend, Almighty God,Healer and sustainer.May the glory of His presence continue to be with you this Christmas Season!Continued blessings and prayers!!!

Carmen said...

Oh, it was worth the wait to finally see these pictures. Our God is an awesome God.

Ruthie said...


Paige said...

Words cannot express how happy I am for your family, amen and amen again! I love seeing Ivy's precious smile again, and that Lexi is such a special little girl!

Shay Ankerich said...

Bless you all sweet friend~ SO SO thankful you are home with your baby and family. There are no words... only God!!! I love you sweet friend and just overJOYed!!! XOXO

jennifer said...

I knew you must have been soaking it all in! I can't even imagine how happy you all must be!!! So happy for you!!

Susan said...

Oh, Mary, I am soooo happy and filled with joy for you and your beautiful family!!!! I cannot tell you how many times a day I would look on here for a new post, but I knew you were just getting in some very much needed family time! Enjoy, enjoy!!! I am praising God for you!!! Hugs & Love, my friend!

Fannie said...

Yea!!! What an amazing gift Kim gave you and Ivy! To get home quickly without all the stress of the airport and commercial flights with plane switching and all that. God really has provided for you guys!

The picture of you with Ivy and Lexi is so beautiful! I think we've all been anxiously awaiting a post, while expecting you girls to get settled in before we got it!
So happy to hear all the fantastic news!

We'll continue our prayers for that sweet baby girl! God has big things in store, I'm sure of that!!

Lots of love & prayers continue from NYC!

Anonymous said...

I also have been checking for updates every day but knew things must be going well - "no news is probably good news"! So thankful to hear you had a good flight home and Ivy is adjusting well being back with her family. Will continue to pray for all of you. And thanks for the wonderful pictures and update!! Looking forward to some wonderful Christmas photos next month. The Lord bless and keep you.

kim647 said...

Glad to see and hear that Ivy is doing do so well. She will continue to be an inspiration to us all. She rocks!! Praying for you all.

Laine said...

Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! I can just imagine her little self saying "HOME!" SO precious!

What a BIG BLESSING to have that private jet! Especially having to administer a Lovenox shot! Our Kevin was on Lovenox and those were some hard times. I was so happy when he could stop having thankful she doesn't have to have those anymore and praying for a good INR!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Praise God!! so HAPPY!! Blessings,Cathy in Illinois!!!

Jennifer said...

To God be the glory!!!!!! I'm sooooo happy for you all.

Candy said...

So happy to hear this wonderful update. Seeing Ivy with her sister is the best! This was just the Best news. Enjoy your Family.

Luciana said...

Thank God. I have been praying for you all this time, but knew that you were just soaking up every single moment. You both were longing to be home for so long. I'm happy for your happiness. Take your time catching up on housework. You're better off spending your time enjoying your little sweeties.


Cate said...

Welcome home, sweet Ivy! I've followed your story for several months and have a 17 month old daughter with the same car seat who is about the same size. Tonight I thought about her going through what Ivy has been through and just lost it. My husband and I have a heart for adoption so we know it is in our future. We are now seriously considering bringing home a heart baby.

likeschocolate said...

Wonderful news! A perfect holiday story! Wishing you and your family all the best. Congratulations!

Lori said...

So happy to see your little family back together and to read that Miss Ivy is doing so well. :-)

Anonymous said...

So happy for you both to finally be home. It brought tears of joy to my eyes. Glad to hear everything is going so well.

We will continue to pray for Ivy's speedy recovery.

Hugs from CT

Sarah said...

I think we all imagined you to be VERY busy, and we certainly appreciate the post. So happy with this news, so very happy.

CariP said...

God is so good! It is wonderful to see her home with her family! Prayers for continued healing!

alexa said...

You made my day!
Enjoy every single seconde of beeing home with your family!
So happy to see Ivy out of hospital!
Hugs from France

Karen said...

I am so glad things are gong well. Ivy looks amazing. We are all so happy for all of you to be home. Love looking at all the pictures. We look forward to more updates (when you have a free minute!!) Always keeping you and your family in our thoughts and prayers. Sending hugs to all. Love, Karen and Lily (and Bill and Billy)

jade said...

Well, crying in Belgium too - so relieved it is all going well now... May the hard times remain in the past forever, life's tough enough without what all of you had to go through!
Kind regards, Jade

Jboo said...

So very happy to read this post and hear how well Ivy is doing! Bless her and your sweet family.

anne said...

So happy for you!! Simply the best news...made my day.

Wendy said...

Yay! Such wonderful news! We are all so happy for you!

Lisa said... I just sent you a message and somehow I overlooked this AWESOME post!!!! YAY!!! So glad that you are HOME for good!!!!!!!!

bytheriver said...

Thats what we figured. Glad things are settling in at home.

Anonymous said...

So happy for you and happy that your family is back together again!!! ~Holly

the meaklims said...

Truly, our prayers have been answered. This is the best news EVER. I am crying just thinking about what an incredible miracle she is.


Kim said...

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!! BEAUTIFUL!

Anonymous said...

I'm just so happy for you and overjoyed at Ivy's health. So wonderful.

Kelly said...

All I can say is we serve a Big G God!!!! Amazing!!!

Christmas Blessings!!!


Tera said...

Tears streaming!! Praise Jesus!! I can just imagine how excited she was to see HOME!

Ladyblog said...

This is such a testimony of how faithful our God is to heal and restore Ivy Joy. I got all teary eyed reading this update and look forward to hearing all sorts of new firsts for Ivy Joy in the future! PTL!!
Rebecca Long

Amy P. said...

Happy, happy tears!

deborah said...

Fantastic news...keep it comin'! :)

Kath said...

Wow!! So so thankful to your family for allowing all of us to celebrate Ivy's Miracle! Take time with each other, the rest can wait!

Arnold family said...

So thankful that your miracle happened. She looks so good and her smile is the best!
Holly :)

Jen said...

Beautiful news!!

Di said...

I am so pleased that all is going well! And I am so glad that everyone in your family is now complete and healthy!

Big Happy Family said...

Welcome Home Ivy! It is wonderful to see that beautiful smile, and I love the pictures of you and your siblings.

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